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Crash Archaeological Survey

It was realised early in the research project that an archaeological survey of the area in which it was thought the crash of X3054 took place might reveal something positive.

In December of 2013, a Home Office licence was granted to John for just such a purpose and so, in conjunction with the Dartmoor National Park’s initiative, ‘Moor than meets the eye’ a complete investigation is to be undertaken during the spring and early summer of 2014.

The first step towards the professional Geophysical survey began in February 2014 when an initial Physical and Detection survey was launched. This produced results that confirmed the presence of aircraft wreckage and from the ‘line of scatter’, indicated the approach onto Hameldown of the aircraft.

Small items were removed and taken for identification by staff at the Royal Air Force Michael Beetham Conservation Centre at RAF Cosford in Shropshire; those items were positively identified as belonging to X3054.

Regular Detection surveys are scheduled in support of the planned geophysical undertaking. Archaeologists will be on site once the full survey gets underway.

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